Monday, March 12, 2007


Methinks blogging will be hit and miss for a while. Truth be told, I'm having a hard time. My concentration's shot - I've been meaning to dig out the old psych textbooks to review grieving and assure myself this is all normal - but then I forget. When I remember I forgot, I feel helpless so I cry...then I get angry for crying. Suddenly I'm hungry, but when I remember I've forgotten to eat all day, I feel stupid and start to cry. Other than that, I'm really good.

A few names have been added to the VIP list and we've had a re-dubbing ceremony. You may remember Tink's husband, Tippy. He's Manimal's brother and the brother-in-law I live to torment. Not a dumb-ass move gets by either of us and calling each other on it is half the fun. I truly adore him.

One night at dinner, we'd a bit too much to drink - yes, I see the theme - and I mentioned to Tippy I still have a glass he'd stolen for me from the very same restaurant many years ago. We joked I'd have a whole set, but it was spring and he wasn't able to hide any more. This fine evening, however, he had a winter coat and His Plan was formed. Goodness, of course! Who doesn't need a whole set of beer glasses stolen from a restaurant???

After he slipped the first one in his coat sleeve, I laughed and forgot about it, as one will do when imbibing. We proceeded to knock 'em back as conversation flowed. Suddenly, I heard a loud glass clunk from the vicinity of Tippy's coat, as he began laughing hysterically and tried to look innocnet. Glancing down, I began to giggle - he'd stuffed six beer glasses into his sleeves and they were clanging against each other.

"Wow!" I snorted. "How stealthy was that?!"

With tears streaming down our faces, Tink and I re-dubbed him Stealth, and he shall be forever known as such.

'Cuz you don't wanna know what I was gonna call him after watching him slink out of the restaurant, glasses stacked near his biceps, elbows tucked in so they wouldn't fall, hands floppin' around like little misplaced fins. I think I'm going to send him one of my purple tags - Tink can pin it to his shirt ; )


Anonymous said...

Oh yes I DO want to know what you were going to call him! "Stealth" sounds like too cool a nickname to be truly tormentable.

The crying and forgetfulness is a natural stress response and you've certainly been under stress. To quote Super T, "Be kind to yourself."

I went through R&R blog withdrawal while you were gone, so while I'd like to greedily demand multiple posts per day, ANY entries will be welcome.

You've got mail.


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Anonymous said...

You WILL make it out of this R&R...

would an OFFICIAL countdown to Bad Frogs Hop Op help?
I can ask Sin to start that {{GIGGLES}}...not sure she is the BEST counter...but.....she sure can get excited...and that's what counts!

Anonymous said...

Don't go into hiding. I'm not convinced it will help any and we can't come and cheer you up.

Tears are normal... and I cannot exist without my lists so.... that's normal too.

And take the Prof and Super T's advice "be kind to yourself".


Lemon Stand said...

Breathe in... Breathe out... and don't be afraid to cry. There are some people worth shedding a few tears over but remember at the end of the day that I'm sure he would have preferred tears of happy rememberances. Take care of yourself!