Wednesday, February 21, 2007


So how does one go about thanking everyone adequately for all their support? I'm at a loss for words. I'm much better today. The sun is shining, actual birds are singing outside my window, and you all gave me the boost to bounce back by letting me know you care. That's such a gift during tough times. Please know how much the calls, messages, emails and comments mean to me. Offers of anything I need, including watching my kids or invading my little hamlet to rescue me...omg!! The Prof called it the karma circle. I'm so blessed to have your friendship.

On a day when I doubted I had a laugh left in me, I got plenty, just imagining Tango and V trying to explain to a border guard exactly why the young lady in the trunk was trussed up like a turkey. Am I the only one who envisions the Commander peering out and saying, "Quick! Somebody get me a Canadian translator! Dude, it's okay. I really do LIKE being tied up like this. Hurry up, would ya? We're on an OP and time's ah-wastin'!!" : )

Everyone keeps asking what I need, so I'm gonna tell you... I need you all to keep being the wonderful, caring, amazing friends you are - you really are helping me get through this. I'll be relieved when Mamacita's angiogram is done tomorrow and we'll know where the docs want to go from here.

On the western front, no good news, but no final word either. Manimal is torn between acceptance and hoping for a miracle. Everyone's grateful all the kids have been able to see Ted one more time. Tink & Tippy encountered bad weather through the mountains, so I made them check in with me every hour until they arrived, but now that I think about it I'm not too sure what I would've been able to do because I don't even know their license plate number. Arrgg. Perhaps I need a little nap.

I'll leave ya with a verbatim message from Mamacita to all of you: "I feel all the love, prayers and positive energy. Thank you so much. Most of all, thanks for being there for R&R." (That nickname tickles her.)


V-Medic said...

No worries! Remember my story about coming home from a reception in Windsor? The boarder officers lurv me.....we have a repoire, they & I....they let me cross the boarder and I don't throw up on As to explaining about the Cmdr in the trunk....welll.....I could always tell them it is for a training op, and that we are the "new" recruits for women in the SEALs......I think that we could talk Super T into backing us up.....right???? What's the harm???? What's a little "international incident" between soul sistas???? You need me, I am there......hugs.....V:0)

Anonymous said...

Hey, R&R,

Have you told your mother some of the otherthings we say about you? Mmm ... right, bad idea, she's dealing with a bad heart, we don't want to risk shocking her. Or is this a case where the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and she's as outrageous as you are?

Anyway, glad to hear that you and Mamacita are holding up as well as you are. Great to hear that they've scheduled the angiogram. The waiting and not knowing is often the toughest part.

Continued prayers are being sent your way along with lots of electronic hugs.

Don't hesitate to call if you need to. I'll be stationed near the phone in case V and the Cmdr need bail money and the lawyer list. (At what point do you think Super T might refuse to claim any acquaintance with them?)


Tango said...

Howdy Ranger!!

Positive thoughts, e-love, e-hugs, and prayers for you, Mamacita, Manimal, his dad, heck I'll just say the entire Ranger Canuckian family!

Don't hesitate to call us for a road trip. I look forward to hearing a good report tomorrow!

Take good care of yourself too!


Anonymous said...

Offer still stands... and at the rate things are going... I'm not going on our holiday... sigh :(

Tango's right... take care of yourself... I'll keep checking in here for messages.

Good luck at the hospital tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Now wait just a darn minute....I can ALMOST understand Canuck NOW...I got the book and cost me $19.99 and I got free insect repellent with it....HOW KEWL IS THAT?...

As for Super T....sssshhhh don't say anything...but he is ASKEERED of me...when I say SD&STFU...he gets so ASKEERED he pastes on his "patented death glare" and says it back...then he gets a funny look on his face and does it....
rescuing desperate house wives from the border patrol would be like Special Olympics for him....peculiarly modified assualt rifle in one hand, K-bar between his teeth, duct tape (for my mouth) and a bottle of Rum in the other...he is good to go:)...NO WORRIES...
but um, errrr, how DID you find out about the rope thing????

Lemon Stand said...

Now how could ANYONE add ANYTHING to the previous comments? LOL! Not I. So so lots of prayers and e-hugs sent your way.