Saturday, December 09, 2006


Meow, meow, meowwww.

The Prince took the girls & I to dinner tonight. As we walked through the mall on the way to our fave restaurant, I picked up a few more Christmas gifts. Mainly for Supah Stah - who still isn't talking to me. Because he's A*N*G*R*Y with me. For what, I don't know. He won't tell me or anyone else. Last week, he snottily informed me he doesn't want anything for Christmas from me. What am I? The anti-Christ? That was sudden.

Well, it's a good thing I know this kid because I'm still buying him damn presents! He probably won't admit it, but he'll like them. If not, he can sell them to help get an apartment. If this keeps up much longer I'm kicking his booty to the curb. I have no clue if he's still going on the football tournament, which leaves in...yep, three days. Will he be home for Christmas? I don't know. Because...that's right, HE'S STILL NOT TALKING TO ME. But I digress.

Back at the restaurant, we four enjoyed a cozy, tension-free dinner for a change. T'was grand. Joking over appetizers, the girls were in high spirits and I was feeling hopeful. Then, the Prince gently lobbed a grenade in my lap.

"We're going to be opening the third location as soon as possible," he said oh-so-casually.

"Third?" I asked warily. 'Cuz gosh darn it, dontcha know, I wasn't aware a third location was being considered.

He quietly drank his beer and mumbled, "Mmmhm."

Literary folks would call what occured here a pregnant pause. I took the time to choose my words carefully. Finally, I bravely ventured into the minefield.

"So, this one opens December 15th. Can you define asap for the third?"

"By the end of January."

WTF???? I took a very long drink of cola, desperately wishing it had rum in it. The girls had gotten suspiciously quiet. Mama didn't raise no dummies.

"That quick, huh?"

"Yeah, we're looking at X, Y & Z cities for the next stores."

Deep breath. Calm blue ocean. "So, which one do you think it will be?"

"Well, all of them eventually."

At that point, I was wondering if it's possible to have a stroke, yet still be sitting upright and following a conversation.

He nodded to the glass I was clutching and grinned. "Bet you wish that had rum in it."

"I was thinking about it," I admitted. No guts - no glory, so I went for it. "Listen, I prefer the band-aid being ripped off quickly, so just rip - how many stores, by when?"

"Ten in the next two years."

And you, dear readers, will surely be hearing a'plenty more about it.


Anonymous said...

10 stores??? You'll have to do better at posting background - or emailing - if you want us to totally follow the story. But IMO that sounds like a lot, just trying to cash flow. The acc't in me is going OUCH!!!!!!

Have a good day. Parade here and eldest is in it.

Gotta love small town parades. Anyone can be in it and the entire village goes to see it. Have to pick up the neighbor girl. She works for us at the moment and they aren't working today so she's going to help with the littlest.

Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

How many did you say Prince had to drink when he said 10 in the next 2 years or another by the end of Jan for that matter??? :)