Saturday, December 09, 2006


I never reply to comments left on my blog. Is that bad blog etiquette? What would Emily Post think about my lack of posts? Hmm...I wonder if there's someone I could ask about that. I DO read them and some readers email their comments directly to me. I enjoy all of them, so thank you for your kind words! I have a few comments to send back at ya.

Janet: Tut-tut m'dear, you can post whatever you like in the comments, even if it's risque. Remember, I know you're score in "I'm worth" game. Still waters run deep, eh friend? Let me know about that book...

Albertagirl: Thanx for the tip on downloading Hinder's song...but...ummm....well....I'm the one who told YOU to download it, you dumbass, lol. Have you been working with seniors too long??? Or is it the little children that are wringing you out??? LOL. I did have my palm read once before the I married Mr. Wrong. Let's just say, all the information was delivered in veiled comments that, in retrospect, have been eerily accurate. Didn't stop me from making mistakes and I don't think I'd have wanted it to. I am who I am for a reason. Research it before you do it.

Farmwifetwo: Thanx for the excellent link you sent. I'm going to use it in the next blog. As the boys grow, you will become expert at gluing LOTS of stuff together, lol.

The Prof: Wow, your email just astounded me. Thanx so much! We will dish about it. (I would've thought it would drive you bananas to read my blog. I picture you wanting to get out your red pen to correct my grammer, lol.)

Lemon Stand: I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but you know Blogger. Did the Happy Snoopy Dance for you when I read your DH has left Iraq!! Hope your family has a wonderful reunion - enjoy!

C.C.: You're my hero! Big hugs.

N: Thanx for pointing out I stupidly put up 5 pix on 6-pack Monday. Nobody else was sweet enough to show me the error of my glad I can count on you, lol. And no, hun, we cannot have Happy Monday AND Wednesday AND Friday. Because I do have some semblance of a life. LMAO.

Hope you all have a great weekend! : )

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Anonymous said...

R - use the "other" on lemonstand's blog. Then you can type in your name and blog link and get around google.

Had to go back and read my post that I put up last time. Glue... duh.... brain dead.

Glad you liked the link.