Saturday, December 23, 2006


Captain Canada is having a great time in California even though the tournament has been a mess. He got a fumble recovery in the first game and they whomped Mexico, who failed to score. A good start always gets a team pumped, but when game time against the US rolled around, the refs were nowhere to be found. After a lot of "huh?" chat, they determined the boneheads had left the stadium. No refs - no game. The US team gallantly forfeited the game - good on 'em for A1 sportsmanship! Both teams have filed complaints with the refs association, but it doesn't do the Canadian boys much good - a lot of them won't make the team next year and they worked hard for this.

SnafuTwo - the San Diego Chargers had promised complimentary tickets for the Canadians to watch a game against Kansas City....except, whoops...sold out. Sorry. Buh bye. Seems to me whoever it was in the PR office that authorized the comps could've, say...bookmarked the tickets when they were promised three months ago??? Then again, I'm known to expect wizardry from mortals.

Snafuamondo - the game in Mexico was delayed one day, to give the Mexican's a chance to bring up a few stronger players. No biggie, juggle the schedule {read: send boys out to get drunk and cause general mayhem} re-book the bus and move on. Team Canada loads up on the bus for the drive into Mexico. (I wonder how hard it was to go over the border with 50+ Canadians and all the equipment? Will have to ask him when he returns.)

After a couple of hours travel, they arrive at the stadium, unload the bus, suit-up and run the warm up drills, only to be told Mexico is a no-show. WTF??? The home team is a no-show? Yep, the way I hear it, there were some mighty pissed off Canucks at that point. Although, back in San Diego much later that night, everybody really loved each other, man.

: )

I've always loved "{You Make Me Feel Like A} Natural Woman." That Aretha's got serious pipes. For some strange reason, it makes me think of how I feel about being a Mom. Sure, the intention was about a lover, but I REFUSE to be fenced in that way. In a totally normal, non-twisted way, it makes me think of my relationship with my kids.

It's on one of my fave mixed CDs that XO H&K a while back, which I've been playing a lot in the car. Since we've been spending so many hours on the road, the girls have started calling it the "Ayooop" song. They do a flamboyant duet as the back-up singers whenever it comes on.

The other night I was driving them and Prince to the mall and he was getting the first taste of the Ayooop show. Near the end, he leaned over and turns the volume down. "I saw on a documentary that this song is the most used by transvestites who perform as female impersonators."

Dead silence.

Finally, Sweet Pea said, "I would have loved it if you'd never said that."

: )


Meryl Streep is wicked good. Serioulsy divine clothes make for girly-girl heaven. Stanley Tucci is so good his role should've been bigger. Anne Hathaway has ginormous-to-distraction lips. Odd.

Rent the movie anyway.

Later... ; )

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