Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Ask a group of women if they'd be interested in helping out, in whatever small way they can, to bring a little joy to sixty deserving people. Oh, and it has to happen kind of quickly.

Then sit back and prepare to be amazed.

It's been less than a week since AE reached out with loving generosity and sparked The CMDRs posting a heartfelt invitation to send a bit of holiday cheer to the Veteran's she works with at the VA hospital....and ta-da!

EVERY SINGLE ONE of them will get a Christmas stocking, filled with all sorts of goodies.

EVERY SINGLE ONE of them will be getting his own fleece blanket.

Baked goods....cookies, snacks, treats of all kinds. Books, puzzles, things to occupy their mind. Cards and letters, telling them someone cares.

Small pleasures.

Simple things.

What most of us take for granted.

Once upon a time, I took life's simple pleasures for granted. I was one of the Have's, but I blinked. Suddenly, my babies and I were Have-not's.

There, but for the grace of God, go I.

Now, we are Have's again. But I'll never forget the lessons learned about what is important. Simple pleasures. Gratitude. Remembering it's better to give than receive. That there's always someone worse off than ourself.

Being a small part of this project has been important to me. To my soul. My life is a whole lot more blessed because these tremendous women call me Friend.

It's going to be a wonderful Christmas.

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