Tuesday, October 23, 2007


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Story of my life...I just begin to think I'm getting my feet under me again and something sends me for another loop. Monday night, SupahStah quit college and flew back to Alberta. He already had his old job waiting for him. POOF!

And he was gone.

It wasn't a pretty scene...the stress of the last few months have been hard on him too, filled with plenty of misunderstandings and arguments. I think he's very confused and angry and felt this was the best decision he could make. He left me voicemail this morning, saying he plans on going back to college at some point. Every parent knows the fear that follows that sort of comment...

BUT, I'm grateful he's gone to stay with family. I know Tink & Tippy will be there for him while he sorts out what he needs to. I miss him already, but as I said, the past few weeks haven't been great between us...so I've been missing him for a while. I'm going to do my best to support him, wish him luck with paying off his debts and saving enough to give college another go. I just hope he knows we love him unconditionally. And, that despite the really cool clothes, gangsta isn't the way for a grown man to live, so I hope he never gives up on the edumacation and dreams ; )

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janet w said...

Mums and sons: I'll be reading and re-reading your blog: my other side of the country story is the same and different but bedrock: unconditional love.

Let me get maudlin: so glad you're back blogging!

Tango said...

Tweet ~

It's so hard being a parent sometimes! Trying to guide our children; advise them on what's best for them. As mothers especially, it's heart-breaking as we watch our kids find their way. I'm sure Supah knows you love him. And he knows how great of a mother he has. Keep doing what you're doing. You've raise intelligent children (even though you may question that fact sometimes). And because of that, no matter what he faces in life, he'll be fine.