Sunday, February 18, 2007


Canada Post provided more quick-as-molasses service this week, but (for once), I'm not complaining. The timing couldn't have been better. Saturday I picked up my mail and found gooides and hugs from afar that brought tears to my very bleary eyes. I'd just like to send out HUGE THANK YOUs:

Nina, thanks for the card and laughs. And the answers are (1) yes, (2) no, and (3) if that's not illegal, it's definately too immoral for me, lol.

Sin, thank you so much. The singing Rockin' Robin card totally cracked me up...glad you didn't resist...and the Valentine's package...dayum skippy...what could possibly be better than a chocolate frog, Starbucks and Bailey's??? When a gal's as down as I was, it was like a cuppa Sinfully Sweet Rescue. I've growled at everyone in the Zoo to stay away from MY cup. pack the prettiest packages!!

Thanks again, ladies - much appreciated.

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