Friday, January 05, 2007


Canada Post is really getting on my last nerve. A friend in western PA sent me a lovely card. It was postmarked 16 December. It finally showed up in my mailbox on 3 January. WTF??? I could've driven to her house, stopped at some quaint little shops along the way, picked the card up at the door, driven back and still made it home for Christmas.

Yes, I know all about the slight delays expected during the holiday season...blah, blah, blah...strangely enough, all my bills manage to find their way to me within TWO FREAKIN' DAYS!!!!

Betcha if I took a complaint to Canada Post, some really pale guy in an ugly tie would tell me the delay must be due to customs. I'm tempted to do it, just so I can snap my fingers and yell, "HAH! I knew you'd say that!! So listen up, Norbert or Englebert or whatever the heck your name is. In December I mailed 16 small packages to various locations in North America, on the same day, they were the same size and weight. Are ya following me, Englebert?? Those little packages travelled as far as California. Most of them went through customs. And ya wanna hear the best part, Engie? The one travelling to Calgary was the last to arrive. It took ten days for you wizards to deliver it. Six freakin' days longer than it took another to get to California! It cost me $4.50 more in postage to travel less distance, within my own freakin' country. And the contents of that sad little package in Calgary WERE BROKEN WHEN THEY ARRIVED!!!! No, I will not let go of your tie, damnit! It was the only one broken, Engie, one of your people did it, and I am pissed!!"

I'm sure at that point, Englebert would be trembling and a little bead of sweat would dribble down the side of his face. Betcha he'd be praying that really was sirens he was hearing...

Of course, I'm Candian and too darned nice to do something like that, but it was fun to think about.


Heads up to any Canadians with kids on this recall of children's necklaces and keychains sold at Ardene's & Claire's, due to high levels of lead.

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Anonymous said...

In Oct I sent 2 pkgs. 4 books ea. Same size, weight etc. 1 to MA, 1 to Tx.

MA arrived 1 week.

Tx took 3. I though it had gone missing.

I am NOT impressed with CP.

Just sent 2 h/c books snail, snail, snail mail to france $20.