Saturday, December 30, 2006


Found three packages in my mail tonight - WOOHOO!! It's like Christmas all over again. Such a happy gal, am I...

My purchase from the incredibly talented Erika Shutte arrived. She makes handblown glass and I ordered a green ornament for Mamacita's birthday gift and a blue one for myself. I can't wait for Erika's website to be ready. My photos really can't do the ornaments justice, they're just exquisite! Click on the pictures for a larger view. This is what it looks like on the tree...

and held directly under the light...

I'm stealing borrowing Farmwifetwo's idea - once the tree is down, I'm hanging mine from the chain of an overhead lamp fixture so the light shines through all the swirls. Here's some more of Erika's work. If you'd like to contact her, leave a comment and I'll get ya connected.

This cheeky monkey, who's now taken up residence in my car, was sent by XO H&K - guess I've gotta practice juggling bananas while listening to the amazing CDs he travelled with (mixed by Masters GBG & the XO) : )

The darlin' Tonya sent me a handy travel-size bottle of JD (let's face it, Jack's good for ANY occasion) and A Very Larry Christmas . But ya know you've found a friend worth keeping when they send you these - in Wildberry, no less. Methinks a few of us from that conversation better watch what chat about from now on!!!

Music, booze, laughter & sparklies...I tell ya, it just doesn't get much better in the Zoo. Thank you, ladies - YOU ROCK!!

And for those of you who weren't part of that conversation, they were sent as a joke. Really. Honest. Geez, whaddya think I was gonna use 'em for??? : D

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Anonymous said...

So what are you going to use them for???????????

Yes you may "borrow" my idea. Mine's only hung from the light for the last 2 years.....

Aren't they lovely. Going to order Mom and the MIL one for their b-days.

Me wants a pumpkin!!!!