Friday, December 29, 2006


We've managed to go through most of the holiday leftovers in the usual fashion. To my family's delight, I never buy a turkey large enough to produce leftovers that will force my cooking skills past a few turkey sandwiches, turkey pot pie, turkey fried rice, and turkey soup. Personally, I'm not even that fond of turkey, so I'm thrilled if we don't even make it to the turkey soup. It's just too much damn turkey. Turkey, turkey, turkey!

In case you weren't keeping count, I used turkey 11 times in that paragraph. Amazing, yes? Now I know how Jan felt about Marcia on the Brady Bunch.

Tonight, Manimal & I had turkey sandwiches for dinner. This must be the first time he's ever made them and he had a baffled look on his face...

Him: What do you want on your sandwich?'

Moi: The usual.

Him: Besides turkey, smartass. Do you want butter?

Moi: Nope, just turkey, mustard, stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Him: What?

I described it again more slowly, going layer by layer - toast, turkey, mustard, stuffing, cranberry sauce, toast.

Him: You want stuffing and cranberry sauce on your sandwich?

Moi: Yes, please.

Him: Do you always do that?

Moi: As long as I can remember.

Him: Really?

Moi: If you'd made me a turkey sandwich sometime in the last ten years, you'd have stolen a bite, you'd know it's delicious, and you'd be making our sandwiches right now instead of making me feel like a freak.

Him: I've just never heard of anyone doing that.

Moi: Atleast I didn't ask for a potato chip sandwich. You need butter on that.

Him: Okay, that's just weird. And gross.

Odd, the things we still don't know about each other.

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farmwifetwo said...

Did your Meme.

There's things 12 yrs later that every so often I realize that he's never figured out about me. And then they shock you with what they know.