Monday, November 13, 2006


In case anyone's ever wondered...

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Yep, that should pretty much clear things up.

Dragged my tush around all day and I doubt the insomnia bug will take hold of me tonight! Cleaned up after the slumber party and took care of some things that were piling up. I'm constantly falling behind on commitments and things I need to get done. Some days just seem like work, work, work and worry, worry, worry - about what other people want and need. Ah, the life of a woman. This whining is a sure sign I'm overtired, so I'll refrain from going any further.

I'm still trying to get the links working. I'll post when they're fixed.

For play, I did get my Christmas cards done...written, addressed, ready for the mailbox...I feel so smug!! When...not IF, but WHEN I'm in full panic mode about how close the holidays are getting with so much left to do :o) I'll just pull out this post and revel in my short-lived moment of glory...

So begins another week...have a good one!

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