Monday, October 16, 2006


"A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life." ~Isadora James
It's only fair to warn you. Today's post will probably make you feel like you have your nose pressed up against glass, watching a party you can't go to, trying to read the lips of people speaking a language you don't understand. I'm sorry. This one's important to me though, so better luck next time. : )
I have three sisters and two brothers, yet I was raised as an only child - trust me, you don't want to ask. I've been told I don't have a family tree; I have a family forest. As I watch my daughters growing up, I realize more and more how much I missed out on. Perhaps this is why I treasure family and the memories we make together so much.
Everything in our home is not all sweetness and light, however. Life with teenage daughters is not for the faint of heart. Sweet Pea & Sugah Pie were going at it again last night, their voices becoming more shrill, as each did her best to gutshot the other. I try not to interfere too much, in spite of the fact my heart is crying out, "You're sisters, be nice to each other!"I held my tongue, because even their arguments are a thread in the fabric of a relationship they alone share - that unique, intangible bond - and one day, they will look back at the memories and giggle.
At thanksgiving, my sister Beebles and I were able to add to the running list of memories we share. Every now and then I update it. It is all with the greatest of love and affection. Each time I haul them out, I remember how blessed I am to have her, this friend to my spirit.
THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES...You always stole my soother, you little biotch. Thanx a bunch for dropping me down the stairs ; ) "Let's jump on Mum's bed!" (Yeah, that was a great idea.) Hide 'n seek until the streetlights came on. Waterfights. Luch chasing you through the neighbourhood. Dairy Queen. Ju Boobs. "Allan, if u throw her in the pool, I will NEVER speak to you again!" (That was a looooong 4 years, lol, but I got your back ; )
Hermald from the CNE. "You traded your whole Shaun Cassidy collection for a picture of a dumb boy??" : o) Woolco Grill + Strawberry Cheesecake + your friends = too cool. "Skip school with me, we'll go to the Eaton's Centre...oh shit, we don't have enough bus fare to get home." Supertramp concert. You driving beside me in the rain because you wouldn't let me get your car wet - that's really not nice :( Pffffft.
The Montreal trip...back seat of your Camaro. Cowboy hats. Kinky machine. : o) Roller skates with fuzzy dice & a football shaped radio. Your wedding was a BLAST...tall, blond & dumb are highly trainable. Oops...what in the hell was his name anyway???
Thank you for Motorman, Elvis, & LingLing! "Noisy toys, Auntie? Payback's a bitch." Devil'd eggs and Ninja Turtles. "Little sister don't do what yer big sister done." Bienschtich. Tupperware. Packing a lunch that was eaten before coffee break. Aloette. "My uncle's in there and she's gonna have a baby."
The uncertainty of moving to OV, but you stood by me through ALL THAT SHIT. Timmy's in the morning. Lasagna & Corning Ware in the front hall...kick their asses to the curb! The Shack. Rum balls. I hate Bingo. 5 & 7 year old girls trying cigarettes. Oshawa bars. You puked in my ex's car when I borrowed it; beyond cool. Tanning Dates. "Do you know where the L-Inn is?" Salt allergy. "She's very sports oriented...especially tonsil hockey."
Boxed got to sleep & I had to work! "That's a thing of beauty." Potato salad. Come for coffee, stay for a month. ICQ & Quest. All the sleepovers. Our children scolding us: "Can you two keep it down, we're trying to sleep!" Rotfloao! Schmenge. Camping. Tubing: "Are you F**KING KIDDING ME?!"
"Umm...exactly how many knives do two teenage boys need to peel potatos?" Three exhausted dogs. Ruthless Spoons. Wrinkle cream, indeed! Priceless prayers. "No fair!!!! She took the thing I was gonna say!" Yellow cats. Heart melting moments, as the next generation offers soulful thanks and builds new memories.
I can't wait for Christmas.

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