Friday, August 31, 2007


Viral warfare erupted in our humble abode last weekend. Yuck. The family usually isn't felled until a few weeks after the kiddies return to those petri dishes disguised as institutions of education.

Okay, okay, I know we'll live.

But right now, I'm struggling to remember a time my head wasn't milliseconds from imploding...when I wasn't struggling to keep my intestines where God originally intended. Exhaustion has developed a whole new definition. I must be getting better, though, because daylight is no longer a piercing weapon upon my rattled brain, and the slightest noises have stopped their deafening, painful roars.

I'd love to whine more, but Roxy is walking around the living room with the leash in her mouth. In dogspeak, I think that means "Enough bullshit. You've ignored my needs. It will end now!"


Lemon Stand said...

Wow! I hope you all feel better soon!

janet w said...

So Robyn, are things gettin' better ... school falling into place and all?

My middle sonny is turning out to be a pretty sweet member of the abode ........ of course, talk to me in a few months! I have one in HS, one in limbo :D and one ALMOST I fricking hope finishing up his big D. I'll keep you posted.

And in the meantime: are you finding time for ROBYN time?

Hope so!