Saturday, December 02, 2006


When I least expect it, one of my kids will say something that just blows me away. Today I got one of those moments and it completely made my day. The girls & I were heading out to pick up Sugah Pie's friend, Princess D, who was joining us to spend the day at the mall. I made a small joke that tickled Sweet Pea's funny bone, and BAM! She hit me with, "You are my idol!" Wow, pretty high praise from one's teenage daughter.

I'm going to treasure that one, but I'm also a realist. As everyone knows, the teenage animal is a fickle creature - the next time I do something horrendous to tick her off, I'll let the idol memory roll around my head to cushion the bumps.

When we arrived, we split up for part of the day so Sugah Pie could buy Christmas gifts for Sweet Pea. I can't believe how well she knows her sister. Perfect gifts and spot on in the budget department. Taking photos in the picture booth is a must at the mall. Sugah Pie and Princess D had theirs done. I love those little snapshots of girlfriends. Sweet Pea has a ton of them and it's great to look back at how the girls have grown over the years.

After much hmming & hawing, Sweet Pea finally bought her boyfriend's birthday present. Now the debate over what to get him for Christmas can begin. Yippee. I found a totally perfect little gift that just made me giggle, but I can't write more about it here. ARGGH! We tried on a slew of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses - ridiculously overpriced, but snickerworthy all the same. There was a pair of Ray Bans I'm now coveting *sigh* I've added them to the fantasy list. The only frustrating part of the day - a certain ornament I have in mind for a friend. I was sure I'd seen when I was with Mamacita the other day. We searched high and low, to no avail. Then Sweet Pea cautiously asked me if I was sure I'd seen it at the mall. "Hun, at this point, I'm not even sure I didn't imagine it."

After the four of us met up again, we did lunch. 'Twas fab, darling. Just as we were leaving, Princess D pointed out the most incredible rainbow. Love, love, love rainbows. I dropped Princess D at her guitar lesson, Sweet Pea at her boyfriend's place and Sugah Pie at the Shop. She went Christmas shopping with the Prince - for moi. I armed her with the fantasy list and said "Toodles!" Free to enjoy an evening to myself.

How's that for a perfect girly-girl day?


Lemon Stand said...

Sounds like a perfect day. I just LOVE when they happen. :o)

Anonymous said...

So what did you buy me??? :)